Top 5 Houseplants

If you want to add some greenery to your home, it can be very overwhelming knowing where to start. Houseplants are a fantastic way to brighten up your home and they also purify the air. However, all plants require different levels of care.  We’ve created this list of low-maintenance plants to help you decide on which plant best suits the conditions of your home.

Mother-in-Law’s TongueTop 5 Houseplants


Light: Light, indirect sunlight

Watering: Sparingly

Min. Temperature: 12c

This plant is nearly impossible to kill, it thrives on neglect. Do not overwater. Great for all areas of the house.

Moth OrchidTop 5 Houseplants


Light: Light, indirect sunlight

Watering: Fortnightly

Min. Temperature: 18c

These plants thrive on humidity as they originate from the tropics, ideal for bathrooms or laundries.

Peace LilyTop 5 Houseplants


Light: Shade

Water: Often

Min. Temperature: 15c

These plants thrive in warm, humid rooms, such as bathrooms or bedrooms. They require plenty of water but should be allowed to dry out in-between watering.

CactusTop 5 Houseplants


Light: Full sun

Water: Sparingly

Min. Temperature: 12c

These plants are basically fool proof. Do not overwater. Ideal for all rooms in the house.

Open-aired Forest TerrariumsTop 5 Houseplants

Light: Light, indirect sunlight

Water: Frequently

Min. Temperature: 15c

Open-aired forest terrariums require minimal water every two days. Perfect for kitchens or loungerooms. Do not place in windowsill.