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Who Are Thistle Flower Studio?
We are an online, studio-based florist delivering the freshest, highest quality blooms to the Melbourne CBD, western and northern suburbs of Melbourne and parts of the Macedon region. We also specialise in weddings, events and corporate flowers.
What Days Do We Deliver?
We deliver Monday – Friday through our online store. However, special requests and weekend deliveries can be arranged by contacting us directly. As we are a studio-based florist 24 hours’ notice is appreciated to allow us to best accommodate your floral needs.
When Will My Flowers Be Delivered?
Flowers will be delivered on the date specified on your online order. We do not guarantee set delivery times. However, deliveries to businesses will arrive prior to 5pm. If you require a specific delivery time, please contact us directly and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
What Suburbs Do You Deliver To In Melbourne?
We deliver to the Melbourne CBD, western and northern suburbs of Melbourne and parts of the Macedon region. To see a full list of suburbs and delivery prices please refer to our Delivery Prices page.
How Much Is Delivery?
Delivery prices vary depending on the suburb. Please refer to our Delivery Prices page for more details.
Do You Deliver On Public Holidays?
Unfortunately, we do not operate on public holidays. All deliveries for this day will be delivered on the next business day.
What Happens If The Recipient Isn’t There To Accept Flowers?
If the recipient is not there to accept flowers, we will leave the flowers in a safe and secure place. However, if it is not possible to leave the flowers safely, they will be returned to our studio and we will contact the sender ASAP to organise re-delivery. If the flowers are re-delivered, the sender will be required to pay a second delivery fee. It is the responsibility of the sender to ensure the recipient is there to accept the flowers on the day of the delivery and we take no responsibility if the flowers must be left somewhere at the delivery address.
What Happens If The Delivery Address Is Wrong Or Incomplete?
It is the responsibility of the sender to provide the correct delivery details, including the recipients contact phone number. If the delivery details are incorrect, the flowers will be returned to our studio and we will contact the sender ASAP to get the correct delivery details. The sender will be charged a second delivery fee and the flowers will be sent on the next available delivery run.
Will My Flowers Look The Same As The Picture On The Website?
All the images and descriptions on our website act as a guide so you can choose the colour palette and style you desire for your order. We will endeavour to supply products that match the colour palette and style you have selected from our store. However, the varieties of flowers used will differ due to seasonal availability. It is our policy that we provide our customers with the freshest, highest quality blooms, selecting the best available blooms from the wholesaler on the day. This ensures our bouquets and arrangements will be fresh and long-lasting. Therefore, we do not guarantee an exact match to our images. If there is a specific flower you require, please contact us directly and we will be happy to try and accommodate your needs.
What Does Seasonal Mean?
Seasonal refers to flowers that are in season and in the best condition at the time the order is placed. Whilst there are some flowers that bloom throughout the year, most flowers follow their own unique growing cycle linked intimately with seasonal weather conditions. Being products of nature, flowers may not bloom at exactly the same time every season, dependant on varying weather conditions. Flowers such as peony roses tend to bloom at the beginning of November through to mid-December. However, warmer weather in October may mean the peony season starts in October and ends in late November. That’s the wonder of nature.
What Is A Flower Subscription?
A flower subscription allows you or a loved one to enjoy beautiful fresh flowers on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. You simply need select to the size and frequency you would like to receive the flowers and we’ll deliver the freshest, seasonal blooms available at that time of the year. Each delivery will feature a different selection of hand-picked, seasonal, florist choice blooms reflecting the current season. Payment will be deduced the day of the delivery and you can cancel anytime. Please ensure you cancel your subscription 48-hours prior to your scheduled delivery date to avoid automatic debit for that delivery period.
How Do I Care For My Flowers?
It’s important to look after your flowers when you receive them, to ensure the live their life to the fullest. Follow these simple instructions to get the most out of your flowers.

Posies and Bouquets

  1. Fill a clean vase with lukewarm water (about 1/3 full).
  2. Cut 1-2cm off the stems at a sharp angle. This helps the flowers drink more easily.
  3. Remove any excess leaves that will fall below the water line.
  4. Put flowers in water and re-arrange if necessary.
  5. Place flowers in a cool location, away from direct sunlight, heating, draughts and ripening fruit.
  6. Repeat steps 1-2 every second day and remove any tired petals or leaves.


  1. No need to arrange. Simply place in a cool location away from direct sunlight, heating, draughts and ripening fruit.
  2. Pour ½ a cup of water into the vessel daily and remove any tired petals or leaves.
How Do I Care For My Terrarium?
Desert Terrarium


Succulents like plenty of indirect light. Never put in direct sunshine or outside. They do well on a window that gets only indirect light all day. Too much direct sunlight will burn the plants as the terrarium can get very warm.


Succulent terrariums do require watering. You can spray with a light mist every week. Let soil dry-out between watering. Slightly increase watering amount when weather becomes hotter or drier and slightly decrease when cooler. If you notice the leaves shrivelling, it may require more water.


Succulents require little maintenance. To discourage rot, its best to remove fallen leaves from the terrarium. It is also good to allow the terrarium to receive fresh air from open window when possible.

Forest Terrarium


These plants require bright, but indirect light. Never put in direct sunlight or outside. The glass will cook the plants.


Open Terrariums – pour water directly into soil to make the soil very moist (around half a cup) typically once every 7-14 days depending on season and climate (more in hot or dry weather, less in cold).

Keep soil moist between watering but not soaking wet. Don’t let open terrariums dry out completely. Check for water in rocks bottom of terrarium, 1cm is adequate.

Sealed Terrariums – require little watering, check the soil is moist. When in doubt, it is always better to withhold water then to give too much. Sealed terrariums will fog up. If you are going away for extended time you can keep the lid on it and this will keep it moist.


Many plants in a terrarium will gradually outgrow their limited space. A little trimming often promotes side shoots that fill out plants. Be sure to remove all dead vegetation from the terrarium. You should also trim tips if they start to touch the glass. Remove any plants that begin to rot. Rot is often associated with too much moisture. Terrarium may need re-potting when root bound.


Periodically, the glass will need to be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove build up on glass.

What Is You Refunds Policy?
It is a mission to deliver the freshest, highest quality blooms to every single customer. However, due to the perishable nature of our product sometimes unforeseen problems may occur.

In the unlikely event, the flowers or plant perish within 48 hours of the delivery we will replace the flowers or plant with no additional cost to you, provided that you:

  • have followed the care instructions
  • notify us as soon as possible within the 48-hour period to report the issue
  • email or message through digital photographs of flower or plant to hello@thistleflowerstudio.com.au or 0431 601 007

If you are dissatisfied with any of the products or services provided by Thistle Flower Studio we would really like to know about it. You can send your feedback, comments and questions to hello@thistleflowerstudio.com.au and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.